Savage Old School Fantasy

A Keg for Dragon, Part II

Gargoyle: 80 silver
Orcs: 120 silver

A Keg For Dragon, Part I

Characters are waylaid by a group of Forest Goblins on the way to Northpoint. After defeating them, they find Peddler Thomas unconscious in the grass at the side of the road. Thomas tells them that travel has been dangerous lately, what with the Iron Legion Orcs bearing down on it from over the Ridgeline Mountains.

The heroes then chain-gang the Goblins into town, running into Samuel and Elijah Wright. The twins direct them to The Shattered Sword, where a town meeting is in full swing. The town magistrate, Hiram Worth, hires the group to help. The town’s dragon guardian, Clipwing, has withdrawn his protection of the village since his yearly tribute of Ridgeline Whiskey has not arrived at his nearby cave. The Dragon’s Ward, a young orphan named Chapel, was to deliver the yearly tribute a few weeks ago, but neither he nor the tribute ever arrived.

The Sword’s bartender, Sebastian Shaw, overheard the conversation, and was able to offer more information. Once in a generation, Clipwing chooses a youth from the village to act as his ward. That ward is the only one allowed to know where the dragon nests, and remains responsible for delivering the tribute. No one knows what criteria Clipwing chooses to select this ward, but many have been granted this honor, including Shaw himself.

Shaw also revealed that he had seen Chapel and a dwarf named Gristle arguing in a field nearby over some payment, but Shaw doesn’t know any details.

After inquiring about people who might know about thievery and other dark practices, the group is directed towards Oliver Templeton, the proprietor of Templeton’s General Goods. Templeton admits that Chapel worked for him, and would take the kegs out from his store to the dragon. He also confirmed that Chapel owed Gristle money, but for what, he does not know.

Some characters also visited Eliana at Ana’s Apothecary, but, after discovering that she does not traffic in poisons, left immediately.

The group then followed the tracks left by Chapel’s wagon up through the woods, and were waylaid by a pack of Black Wolves. After soundly defeating them, the group continued following the tracks to Chapel’s Bolt Hole, a small cave where Gristle was exercising. They confronted Gristle, but before any information could be exchanged, all were attacked by a forward band of the Iron Legion. Their defeat ended the evening.

  • XP Gain: 2 XP
  • Treasure:
    • Forest Goblins: 30 silvers, plus several sets of small leather armor for Size: -1 characters, short swords, and short bows
    • Black Wolves: None
    • Iron Legion Orcs: 150 silvers, plus several sets of large leather armor for Size: 1 characters, short swords, and short bows.

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